What Type of Heat Pump Is Best for My Home?

Heat pumps contribute greatly to our comfort throughout the year: they provide warmth during the cold winter season and cool air during the hot summer months. Are you thinking about acquiring a heat pump for your home, but hesitating between the central and mural models? At Plomberie et Chauffage Ringuette, our specialists can help you determine which type of heat pump best suits your needs. Read on to find out more!

The Central Heat Pump: Optimal Comfort!

Does your home already have a duct system - or are you planning to have one installed? In this case, you may opt for a central heat pump, as its installation requires wall ducts. In addition, this type of heat pump offers unmatched heating and cooling quality. Indeed, it will diffuse the warm or cold air in a homogeneous way throughout your house - for your comfort! In addition, by combining your central heat pump with an electric unit (e.g., hot water or forced air), you can benefit from the advantageous Residential DT Rate at Hydro-Québec which aims to encourage Quebec households to convert to dual energy!

The Wall-Mounted Heat Pump: Simplicity and Efficiency Guaranteed!
This heat pump model is very user-friendly; It allows you to significantly improve your well-being in your property, at a reasonable cost. In addition, the wall-mounted heat pump has high energy efficiency and low noise. The installation is considerably less complex than the central heat pump - since it does not require major work to install ducts, if you do not already have one - the wall heat pump is suitable for all types of residences. Indeed, it is ideal for apartments and condos, and it is also suitable for bungalows and two-storey houses, as it is possible to install several appliances to cover larger areas.

For Your Central or Wall Heat Pump, Trust the Professionals!
If you live in Montreal (Montreal West), Laval or the South Shore (Longueuil, Boucherville, Brossard ...), Plomberie et Chauffage Ringuette is YOUR reference for the installation and repair of your heating (heat pump, water heater, oil heating, etc.) and air conditioning appliances. To better serve you, our team also offers you emergency services 24/7: call us now!

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