Dual Energy

Get the Most Out of Your Dual Energy System in Montreal

The best of both worlds

Are you thinking about completely removing your oil system? Hold on! Consider dual energy as an alternative solution that could meet your needs. It would be advantageous to first install an electric unit, with hot water or forced air (air heater) with a heat pump, then benefit from the Promotional DT Rate at Hydro-Québec. Let the professionals at Plomberie et Chauffage Ringuette install your dual energy system in Montreal and surrounding areas and benefit from the kind of after-sales service that has made our reputation for more than 35 years!

Dual Energy Heating

With dual energy heating, as the name suggests, you use two sources of heat: electricity as a primary source (up to -13 ° Celsius) and fuel oil as a back-up system (from -14 ° Celsius). You will save fuel oil and have an electrical system as the main source of heating.

There Are a Number of Combinations of Furnace Units:

  • Hot water oil furnace with Thermolec hot water boiler Oil-fired furnace with heat pump
  • Dual energy AME integrated furnace by Dettson using oil and electric (one unit with both heat sources combined)
  • Oil-fired pulsed air furnace with electric air heater

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The right combination

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